I write videos that blend marketing and entertainment.

I've written commercials for Jack-in-the-Box, Taco Bell, and the California Dept. of Recycling and DRTV spots for Verengo Solar, Home Equity Bank, and the Pelham Law Firm.

My commercials have won a Clio, a London International Award, and have appeared on the Super Bowl and the TV show, "America's Funniest TV Commercials."



Direct Response radio

Taco Bell in-store Halloween broadcast

On-hold messages


Recent web videos and DRTV spots

Web copy

I wrote the website copy and 250+ house and condo rental descriptions for Marco Island Vacations. That's more words than my novel, though the novel has a more unexpected ending.

Marco Vacation Properties

Samples from website:

Sample property descriptions:

1167 Breakwater Court

184 Clyburn St.

Belize 402